Technical Articles

Cutting the Cost of Decommissioning - Oilfield Technology April 2017

The operator of Tubarao Azul field contracted InterMoor do Brasil to plan and execute part of the field decommissioning work.

Monitoring, Maintenance of Mooring Systems - OGF 08/2015

It would be an oversimplification to say that during the initial push to deep water in the mid-1990s, no one knew how long these fields would produce.

Life in the Fast Lane - Oilfield Technology January 2015

Jonathon D. Miller reviews a fast-track mooring installation in water depths of 4400 ft.

Lessons Learned as World's First Cell Spar Laid to Rest

In 2004, the Red Hawk cell spar was installed in 5,300 ft of water in the US Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Then owner Kerr McGee heralded it as the world's first cell spar. Ten years later, it remained the only cell spar fabricated, and it again made history as the deepest floating production unit (FPU) ever decommissioned in the GOM.

RIO OIL & GAS 2014 - Pre-Installation of Conductor Casings Using a Standalone Offshore Construction Vessel

During last decade the concept of conductor casing pre-installation was introduced in the offshore oil and gas industry and proved to be an interesting choice for operators in order to save rig time during exploratory campaigns.

RIO OIL & GAS 2014 - Application of Design of Experiments (DOE) to Analyze Sensitivity of Position of the In-Line Tension Reader Inter-M Pulse In a Mooring Line

The Inter-M Pulse (IMP) is an instrumented mooring link designed to measure mooring line tension in realtime.

RIO OIL & GAS 2014 -  Mooring System for a Semi-Submersible Rig in Ultra-Deepwater and Under Severe Currents

In the nearby future, deepwater and ultra-deepwater Exploration and Production activities will represent most of the Oil and Gas Industry operations in Brazil, West Africa and Gulf of Mexico.

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