Artigos Técnicos

Cutting the Cost of Decommissioning - Oilfield Technology April 2017

The operator of Tubarao Azul field contracted InterMoor do Brasil to plan and execute part of the field decommissioning work.

A Novel Installation Method for Deepwater Well Conductors - 2014 MCEDD

Our conductor installation method has been utilized in three major projects in South America, all of which were executed successfully according to client specifications. In this presentation, we described the most recent successful project which was a conductor installation for well first phase of the Tension Leg Well-head Platform (TLWP, P-61) in Brazil with stringent performance requirements by the clients.

Uma revisão histórica da indústria amarração no mar

Qual é a história do mercado de amarração offshore? O que mudou eo que permaneceu o mesmo ao longo dos anos? O que o futuro reserva para esta indústria?

Integrity Index and Integrity-based Optimal Design of Structural Systems

InterMoor contributed to a paper published in Engineering Structures Vol 60 on "Integrity Index and Integrity-based Optimal Design of Structural Systems" Mousavi a,, Gardoni b. a Texas A&M University, b University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Water Jet Cutting an Option throughout Structure's Life.

Abrasive water jet cutting technology cuts through steel without creating a heat affected zone.

Security and Peace of Mind on the Ocean Floor - Considerations for Pipeline Initiation Foundations

Successful subsea pipeline installation require precise control at the initiation point of the pipeline during the installation.

Practical Approach to MIM - Emerging FPSO Forum 9-24-13

This presentation outlines a practical approach to Mooring Integrity Management (MIM) for FPUs already in operation and touches on the potential for comprehensive MIM programs for new systems of the future.

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