InterMoor is ISO certified around the world

InterMoor maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 9001 and other applicable codes and standards to ensure the highest level of quality and safety for its employees, customers, and the environment. The QMS incorporates accepted standards for effective monitoring, control, and maintenance of all processes stated in the QMS relating to quality and safety within the Company.

InterMoor's facilities in Norway, the U.K. and Morgan City in the U.S. are ISO 14001 certified.

InterMoor is a member of First Point Assessment (FPAL), an oil and gas industry's supply chain database, run by Achilles.

The scope of the InterMoor LLC Quality Management System is the global movement and positioning of floating structures, oil and gas drilling units complete with hydrographic survey services and the design, inspection, certification, supply, installation and storage of certified mooring systems, equipment and accessories for the marine and offshore industries.


NEW - InterMoor Ltd. has been awarded Warranty Certificates of Approval as Qualified Towmaster for our key marine personnel .

The Certificates of Approval have been granted following implementation of a robust programme to demonstrate competency and will provide assurance to our clients that any marine operation contracted to InterMoor will be under the control of highly experienced and competent marine personnel.

Whilst we have always been confident that our selection and training processes ensure our personnel are highly competent, this 3rd party approval is an important initiative which provides documentary evidence to our clients of the competence of our Towmasters and Marine Representatives’.

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