Marine Warranty

Marine warranty

At InterMoor we believe that a practical experience based approach is considerably more valuable for a Client than a theoretical review based on a desk study in principle.

What appears to be true in theory, is not always applicable in practice.
Based on our internal capabilities and core businesses, we can provide specific services on either side of any project. Whether there is a need for providing services directly related to the project in terms of design, fabrication, installation or management or whether there is a need for a third party expert advice or review and approval services such as the MWS. This two capabilities combined give InterMoor capabilities which are unique in the Industry.

Why you need it

Offshore construction activities (oil, gas, alternative energy) need to be insured against loss by the construction owners. Insurance is usually called Construction All Risk Insurance (CAR) and is in place during the temporary phases of the construction activities. Brokers place the insurance with global insurance underwriters.   It normally only covers marine activities but can occasionally be extended. Underwriters require that the insurance risk is assessed and warranted by a third party, i.e. a marine warranty surveying company.
The insurance policy will require that the marine warranty surveyor reviews and approves:

  • All design criteria
  • All engineering analysis and calculations
  • All procedural documents
  • All proposed equipment

How we can help

Thanks to our incredibly wide range of expertise and long history and experience as services’ provider to the offshore industry, we can offer the following key elements for driving every project to a success.

  • Bespoke service, designed ad managed to suit every Client’s demand of flexibility, support, assistance and professional approach to problem solving.
  • Vast and incredibly diversified resources’ availability.
  • Dedicated engineers and mariners able to deal with all the variables faced during a project.
  • Ability to react at very short notice.
  • Unique consultancy service offered through human resources whom are directly involved on a practical rather than theoretical role in projects.
  • Over 30 years of recognized and rewarded history in servicing the O&G Industry, at Clients and project’s disposal.

Besides our Marine Warranty Services, InterMoor’s in-house capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of related services such as:

  • Marine Assurance
  • Vessel auditing using the IMCA Common Marine Inspection Document and MSF AHV / PSV Inspection Checklist formats.
  • Specialist vessel auditing to OCIMF (SIRE) standard by OCIMF accredited auditors and inspectors.
  • Provision of vessel on-hire and off-hire surveys and cargo surveys.
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, Marine and Mooring System audits for both semi-submersible and jack-up rigs.
  • Conducting Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Annual Validation Trials.
  • Vessel/Rig Suitability, OVID/CMID, MSF Audits etc...
  • Marine Procedures and Documentation Preparation

Further to all the services available within our staff capabilities, we can offer an even wider range of services in terms of project management, advisory and consultancy services, expert witness, marine investigations. Technical assistance is also available for:

  • Procurement / Equipment Supply
  • Mobilisation / Demobilisation Services
  • Offshore Installation
  • Inspection / Integrity Management

InterMoor’s Consultancy and MWS Services are available for

  • Insurance inspection and approval
  • Client representation and management
  • Vessel and asset load-out and sail-away
  • Transportation and in-field installation
  • Jacket, topsides, and foundations
  • Subsea infrastructure and diving operations
  • Pipeline installation
  • Jack-up and semi-submersible approvals
  • Offshore renewable installations
  • Asset decommissioning and approval

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