Floating Facilities Decommissioning Services

Towing of Red Hawk Spar
  • Towing of Red Hawk Spar
  • Reefing
  • Innovator towing
  • Mooring disconnect

InterMoor expanded its services to include decommissioning services for a more comprehensive life-of-field solution for its clients. Services include engineering and project management for the following:

  • Disconnect of risers/umbilicals
  • Disconnect and recovery of mooring lines
  • Abrasive cutting services
  • Procedures for hull disconnect and tow
  • Procurement of rigging and tow equipment
  • Ballasting and de-ballasting for topside removal and reefing
  • Supervision of hull towing operations
  • Reefing within the "Rigs-to-Reefs" program

Latest decommissioning projects:

Launch of Acteon Field Life Services (AFLS)

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