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 InterMoor offers innovative, industry-leading, safety-conscious, cost-cutting subsea cutting services and is one of the world's leading underwater cutting and severance contractors.  Backed by a range of advanced severance tools, InterMoor is now capable of handling even the toughest abandonment projects. That includes 

Keeping costs down in the abandonment process;
Getting the work done as safely and quickly as possible; 
And insuring the long-term integrity of the chosen abandonment solution. 
At InterMoor, all tools are designed by qualified engineers with extensive experience in the offshore environment as well as the challenges of the abandonment process.
Download the spec sheets for our cutting tools from the column to the right:
- Scimitar Eight Inch Multi-String Conductor Cutting Tool
- Scimitar Five Inch Multi-String Conductor Cutting Tool
- BB Gun Tool
- Scimitar Single String Cutter

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